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Meet Our NCRA Members

Our association is dedicated to fostering a community of skilled Reflexology practitioners

and enthusiast in North Carolina.


We are honored to present to you our NCRA members

What We Stand For;

*Elevating Standards; We uphold high professional standards, ensuring our members are well trained and committed to excellence in Reflexology practice.

*Community Connections; We strive to build a supportive network, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among Reflexology professionals across the state.

*Holistic Well-Being; Embracing the holistic approach to health, we recognize the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit in the practice of Reflexology.

*Continuous Learning; We are committed to providing opportunities for ongoing education and professional development, staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements in Reflexology.

Classification Key:

 Professional - Those successfully completing their National accreditation with the
American Reflexology Certification Board.

Obtaining the accreditation is a mark of distinction and confidence in the quality of Reflexology services.  
These members have completed written exams in Anatomy, Physiology and Reflexology,
a hands on practical exam and clinical documentation.

Click on the member name below to be guided to their Professional ARCB profile

Ambrosini, Kathryn - Charlotte NC  Website
Apostolic, Tacy -Weaverville, NC
Brisson, Semone - Salisbury, NC  Website
Crowell, Randy - Salisbury, NC  Website

Gajewski, Eva - Mint Hill,  NC  Website
Glickman, Jean -Charlottesville, NC
Harrison, Joy Lynn - Greenville, SC  Website
Harrison, Sandy - Charlotte NC  Website
Henry, David - Henderson, NC  Website
Hill, Cynthia B - Salisbury, NC  Website
Howard, Julie - Fuquay, NC  Website  Website
Jackson, Javier Rolan - Huntersville, NC
Kornegay, Nicole - Greenville, NC  Website
McVey, Dana - Concord, NC  Website
Moore, William - Carolina Beach, NC  Website
Neely, Phaedra - Raleigh, NC  Website 
Newman, Paula - Henderson, NC
Pack, Allison - Boone, NC  Website
Weinschuetz, Matthias - Charlotte NC  Website
Smith, Terry - Greensboro, NC
Steele, Mary Margaret - Oak Island, NC

Certified - A comprehensive Reflexology education accumulation of 300 hours.

Adams, Laura - N Wilkesboro, NC
Anderson, Brooke - Columbia SC
Smith, Ernest -  TN
Shanock, Linda - Hendersonville NC
VanHoy, Becky -
Wagoner, Nicole - N Wilkesboro, NC  Website

Associate - Student status, friends and/or business supporting Reflexology

Allen, Christel -
Avila, Vasti -
Duinkerken, Kate - 
Ferrell, Rosa-
Hastings, Rebecca -
Hurst, John-
Wheeler, Annette -


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